Our History

Designer Jewels, Inc based in Houston has been designing handmade jewelry for five generations.

Designer Jewels was founded in 1968, with the goal to provide the highest quality product and service to our customer — we continue to strive to maintain the goal.

“Designing Jewels” began over 100 years ago with my late grandfather, Aaron Sachs, in Russia, continued by my late father, Joseph L. Sandler, myself and continues today with my son, Mark and my grandson, Joshua.

Our clients are able to follow the steps of “designing” their special jewelry from beginning to end to ensure satisfaction of their design. Our fine jewelry is made in our on the premises factory. Our business continues to prosper primarily from referrals of our satisfied customers.

Our Shop

Our Houston based workshop is where we restore jewelry and create our fine jewelry designs. We specialize in certified diamonds and certified gems. We can create jewelry designs from our gemstones, or yours.

Our Patents

Pocket size ring sizer gauge developed by Designer Jewels, Inc - Houston, Texas

This pocket size ring size gauge, The Handi Sizer Ring Gauge, was created by Bob Sandler, President of Designer Jewels, and Mark Sandler, Vice President of Designer Jewels, as a way for our customers to determine their finger size for the jewelry they want. It is the only truly pocket sized ring size gauge available today and is available in brass or plastic. It can be customized with a custom company name or corporate logo.

Just slip your ring on it and the size is automatic!

Want one?…Call us at 713.623.6996 and we can send one right to you!