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Estate Jewelry, Equitable Distribution and Estate Appraisals

Estate – Appraising for estate purposes is a highly specialized task that requires training, knowledge and expertise. An estimate appraisal for probate purposes must be based on a market value. *Note: Initial consultation is free of charge.

How Do We Do This For You?

Our appraisal reports are prepared in accordance with stringent guidelines set by the American Society of Appraisers. Your completed document will include:

  • The millimeter dimensions, quality, weight and identification of each major stone. The same information should be offered for minor stones, except that some of the details may not be as extensive. A statement of the number stones and their total weight might be sufficient.
  • Specific color and clarity grades of major diamonds including inclusion diagnosis when applicable. Identification and assessment of the workmanship of metal used in the mounting.
  • A thorough technical description of the item.
  • Explanation of the grading system and information that makes the technical and scientific data easy to understand.
  • The estimated value.
  • The original document provided for your personal records and a copy for the involved third party. Several views, in full color photography.

FAQ and Answers:

If the estate is taxable by the federal government, a detailed report is typically needed to clearly establish a fair market value for each item you own. Estate appraisals that are subject to scrutiny by the IRS require additional market research for substantial jewelry items. Our appraisals will list the documented sales prices of similar and comparable items (EX: Sale at Auction prices, etc.). When applicable, A price for your item(s) are followed with an analysis of the similarities and differences between your item(s) and comparable item(s) assisting the reader to understand the fair market value conclusion.

Estates and trusts are often times not subject to a federal estate tax but a report on your item(s) and their value is still a desirable document. These appraisals often require less detailed market research and they take less time to prepare. While the same hourly rate applies, costs are reduced due to a reduced preparation time.

In situations where no printed report is necessary but you are still in need of information to assist with equitable distribution of assets is needed, we provide a consultation option. The same hourly rate applies (1-hour minimum), as no report is being produced and no photos are taken.

All assignments are billed at an hourly rate. If you would like, we can provide you a fixed quote of your total cost at the beginning of the assignment. Both a contract and bill are required. Bill is payable in full when the project is complete and at the time the report is delivered.

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