Jewelry Repair

Designer Jewels, Inc. has repaired and restored jewelry for the past four generations.

We can ...

  • Make jewelry from your gemstones or ours
  • Re-polish your gemstones to make them shiny and pretty again
  • Restore the enamel surfaces that have worn off your jewelry
  • Replace prongs that have broken
  • Restore your prongs that are worn
  • Re-design your jewelry to fit more modern styles and use your gold and gems to do this

Do whatever your heart desires in our own workshops so your jewelry receives the very best care and is insured at all times.

Laser Repair

The difference with a laser repair is that the heat is extremely focused and the weld can be extremely strong. With a Laser we can repair almost any metal, even the new titanium eyeglasses. We often can remove the damage and repair the item without removing the gemstones.

There is almost no heat generated and thus the repair is extremely safe and because the laser is such a thorough weld source, the weld created is extremely durable and long lasting. We offer this new Laser technology to ensure that we are able to do the very best work we can for our clients.

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Designer Jewels, Inc. is a Houston fine jewelry designer providing jewelry appraisal services, custom design and repair. We provide lapidary services as well. We also buy and sell old estate jewelry.