How Designer Jewels Made My Dreams a Reality

Around this time two years ago, I started looking at the different options for UT Graduation rings. Being the son and grandson of jewelers with years of experience, I pretty much knew what I wanted my ring to look like and what kind of uniqueness I wanted it to carry. After tireless efforts to have a one of a kind ring from the University, I decided to not go through the company the school officially uses, but my family’s business, Designer Jewels.

With the ingenuity and time invested in the design, my father and I came up with a different design that features the Greek letters of my fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, along with my name inscribed on the inside as well as a diamond placed in the middle of the UT seal on top of the ring. Although this ring was complicated, time consuming and difficult to make,what my father put together for me is truly a work of art and a piece of jewelry I will wear every day for the rest of my life.

Before anything could be finalized, around Thanksgiving 2012 I had to try on the wax model to make sure the ring was the correct size. Sure enough, there it was resting on my right ring finger; a perfect fit. A couple of months later, and a couple of months closer to graduating from
the University of Texas, I had my shiny, new, gold and diamond Class Ring to go along with the diploma I would receive in May. I can’t say that this would be a regular venture for Designer Jewels, but it certainly meant a lot to me that my father crafted this for me. Just imagine what he can do for
you and any of your jewelry needs!
Joshua D. Sandler
University of Texas Class of 2013
Bachelor of Arts ‐ History

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