How to Keep Yourself Secure during the Holiday Season

The Holiday season can be a very hectic time of year; entertaining visiting relatives and other family members, buying presents, celebrating Holidays, but it is also a time where we are vulnerable to theft and loss of valuable items we’ve bought for ourselves or our loved ones.

Airport and hotel lobbies are public places that create a false sense of security and raise the level of risk for theft. It can happen as when you are checking into a hotel or airport and you are momentarily let your guard down.
Below, we’ve listed a number of ways you can protect yourself when you travel with jewelry during the
  • Only bring what you wear everyday.
  • Consider wearing faux pieces when you travel, but keep in mind that faux pieces still may make you a target for theft.
  • NEVER place jewelry in checked baggage.
  • Be sure that your jewelry is insured in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Make certain that you place your jewelry in a safe deposit box at the hotel where you are staying, NOT in the safe in your room. Don’t forget that we are available to answer any questions about traveling with
  • jewelry and what to watch out for while you’re away from home!
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